Selling Your House?

Selling Your House?

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Why should you use Grant & Clare from ReadyTex Real Estate to sell your home?

Using a real estate agent can be expensive, and many sellers think selling a house themselves is a great way to save money. A seller may save a commission by selling a house themselves, but trying to sell a house without an agent may actually cost them more money than the commission they saved. People will claim they saved thousands by selling their home without an agent and they even sold it in one day! There is a reason they sold it in one day, they left a lot of money on the table! We could more than make up for the commission we charge by pricing a house right and working for your best interest. Real estate agent’s are able to charge so much as we provide a great value to homeowners, and statically get them much more money than they could on their own.

We are experts in marketing, Did you know that:

  • 98% of  home buyers start their home search on the internet.
  • Google holds a 68% market share of all searches on the web.
  • 87% of people will select something on the first page of Google.

That is the reason we spend a lot of time and effort on our marketing strategies and getting your home to place on the first page of Google.

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You may not save as much as you think when you sell a house yourself.

When you try to sell a home yourself, it may appear you can save 6% of the sales price by not paying a commission. However most buyers work with real estate agents when they are looking for a house. If you are not going to pay the real estate agent representing the buyer a commission, you eliminated most of the buyers in your market. Eliminating most buyers, will definitely decrease your selling price and cost you money. If you do agree to pay a cooperating broker, you are only saving half of a commission. On top of only saving half of a commission, the buyer is represented by a real estate agent and you are not. Who will have the upper hand in negotiations and the selling process? The buyer’s agent will have the best interest of the buyer in mind, not yours.

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